Designing Security Systems to Reduce the Potential for Violence

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Session Leader: Benjamin (Ben) Scaglione

Experts in law enforcement, government, and Human Resources all conclude that violence within the workplace will continue at its current high levels or, as some suggest, even increase over the next few years. This has never been truer than within the healthcare industry. Healthcare leads all other industries experiencing high levels of workplace violence as documented by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

As security professionals we must learn to better adapt to the variations that take place within our society and the crises that arise. Over the past few years security professionals have made broad and dramatic changes to their security programs to protect personnel, property, clients, and visitors. This is most evident in the healthcare industry. Learning from healthcare’s experiences, security professionals can see how systemic responses to crisis situations in a uniform and consistent way can reduce the potential for violence within the workplace. Instituting programs and processes that reduce the current violence rates and prepare professionals for the next societal crisis.

Join the conversation addressing workplace violence reduction. Discussing several key practices that position security professionals to better reduce the potential for violence. Manipulating the physical environment, revising security practices, investigating advanced technological advancements, and reviewing ways to analyze security related data. Creating a safer environment, reducing the potential for workplace violence while positioning security departments to tackle the next emergent event.