Venue 2024

Our GSO 2030 event is being held at a special company headquarters facility in the Atlanta area.
Details will be announced in February when arrangements are finalized.

Venue 2023

Our most recent event was held in August of 2023 at LinkedIn Global Headquarters, described below.

800 East Middlefield Rd, Mountain View, CA 94043

(The official address of LinkedIn is Sunnyvale, CA. However, because the headquartes campus straddles the Mountain View/Sunnyvale city limit lines, your GPS will require the above address to drop you off at the right entrance.)

Conference Session Venue

LinkedIn Headquarters Building 1

LinkedIn’s new headquarters ties together three new buildings and two new parking structures with three existing buildings to create a dynamic, one million sq ft hybrid campus.

The expanded campus prioritizes access to natural light, views, and direct connections to the outdoors; the buildings feature a number of terraces, roof decks, and courtyards, as well as two major open spaces for gatherings, recreation, and relaxation. Pedestrian walking loops and bicycle paths engage all corners of the campus.

Watch a Video of the New Flagship LinkedIn Building 1 Space Hosting the GSO Event

The Wall Street Journal takes a walk through Building 1 to see just how a modern-day post-pandemic workspace works.