GSO 2025 Reference Files USB Data Stick

Not Just Presentation Slides

The GSO 2025 USB Data Stick is a compendium of information relating to the Business Security Leadership and Technology Command discussions at GSO, starting with the session presentation and sponsor technology materials, but also including leadership and technology-related tools from RBCS, as well as material from independent sources.

Downloading the USB Stick ZIP File

Physical USB Sticks are available on request to attendees. Attendees and sponsors may also download the files as GSO-2025-USB-FILES.ZIP from the GSO 2025 Dallas USB Files Download Page.

Data Stick Contents

Session Materials:

  • Day One Sessions
  • Day Two Materials

Sponsor Materials:

  • Product and Services Information
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers

Event Follow-Up White Papers:

  • The Modern LAN (Frost & Sullivan)
  • Sustainable Cybersecurity for Industrial IoT Devices (RBCS)
  • IT-CLASS SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT For Physical Security Systems (RBCS)

Independent Source Materials:

• Hospital Incident Command System
  • HICS Guidebook (170 pages)
  • Incident Planning Guides and Incident Response Guides for:
    • Active Shooter
    • Chemical Incident
    • Earthquake
    • Evacuation, Shelter-in-Place, & Hospital Abandonment
    • Explosive Incident
    • Hostage or Barricade Incident (basis for Day Two Hostage/Barricade Response Exercise)
    • Infectious Disease
    • Information Technology (IT) Failure
    • Mass Casualty Incident
    • Missing Person
    • Radiation Incident
    • Severe Weather with Warning
    • Staff Shortage
    • Tornado
    • Utility Failure
    • Wildland Fire
  • HICS Tools
    • Hospital Incident Command System Chart
    • Job Action Sheets (individual responsibilities, reporting relationships, needed forms, and potential action steps based on consecutive response time periods)
    • HICS Forms (guidance for incident documentation, resource tracking, safety information, cost collection and other critical activities)