Important Trends Impacting Security Leadership and Technology Planning

Session Leader: Ray Bernard

Business Trends

Many business trends relevant to business security have become to board level concerns. You can see them in many company annual reports.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance) is an umbrella term that refers to data about three specific aspects of an organization be considered by investors when evaluating the companies who are candidates for their investing. Two of the three categories, Social and Governance which have many touchpoints relating to business security. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives are an example where the Security function can provide highly valued support.

The Governance aspect includes cybersecurity and privacy practices. Due to the high level of news coverage about IP camera cybersecurity vulnerabilities, boards of directors are taking more and more interest in the cybers security and data privacy protections around physical security systems, especially their video capabilities as well as the value of the business operations they provide.

Digital Transformation is another growing business trend which, especially in northern California, has brought networked physical security systems under their wing. The head of physical security technology at one prominent Silicon Valley company reports directly to the head of Digital Transformation. Emerging security technology such as we’ll see on Day Two are deserving candidates for inclusion in corporate Digital Transformation initiatives.

Remote Work has strongly impacted the insider threat picture, and there are cross-functional tools (accounting for IT security and physical security threats) that can do amazing work in identifying and tracking insider threat indicators.

Technology Trends

Technology trends are a key element of Day Two GSO activities, and on Day One we take a look at perspectives for strategic technology planning to make security technology deployments future-ready for both evolving risks and emerging technologies.