A Message From Pamela Peak
GSO Event Co-Producer and Director


 Hi, I’m Pamela peak. And I’m here to talk about your job in security.

You know, the rate of business change today tends to keep us focused on the present. Trying to keep up with the changing business picture and evolving risks can be difficult. Given the rate of change, wouldn’t it be more advantageous to look ahead at where business social, and technology trends are going and build a future-ready security program?

That’s exactly what we’re doing at the upcoming Global Security Operations event known as GSO, in Dallas, Texas, on November 2nd, and 3rd, at the global headquarters of Vari®. That’s a company you probably better know by its original name, VariDesk®.

Now, the GSO event is a three- to five-year look ahead at where business trends are going and where security leadership and technology trends are going as well, and what the heck they have to do with your job!  That’s why the event is named for a future date, GSO 2025.

So, here’s what DAY 1 is all about of this event. DAY 1 is about security leadership and risk management amid nonstop business change. We have an unprecedented lineup of high caliber session leaders, sharing practical know how that will start making your job easier right from the get go, when you head back home.

And what about all the emerging AI-enabled security devices and systems, including drones and robots? Where’s all that going? Can AI-enabled technology truly enable a shift from proactive to preemptive and proactive security?

And here’s what we’re doing on Day 2 of the GSO event. It includes the GSO Hands-On Technology Lab, where you can experience the power and simplicity of advanced security technologies, all working together in a real world people, process and technology context. After all, seeing is believing, right?

When you walk away from this event, and you can ask your colleagues who have attended a prior event, you’ll understand what it means to craft a sensible approach to security technology that will get your security system infrastructure future ready to take advantage of exponential technology advancement.

To do this, we have to limit attendance to just 50 people, for the Hands-On Technology Lab experience, and to facilitate in depth discussions with session leaders, security colleagues and sponsors.

So, go to the GSO website at www.GSOEvents.com. See just how the agenda relates to your job roles. And then register today. And for a limited time, we’re providing an early registration discount, plus an additional $100 discount. If you register using this special code: GSO100. That’s GSO100 (no spaces).

You just type that in and you get an additional $100 off.

Also, the GSO event is an ASIS Preferred CPE Provider and attendees will earn up to 11.25 CPE credits for their participation,

So ,register now because this event always fills up and sells out.

I am so looking forward to seeing you at the GSO event in Dallas, Texas on November 2 and third at the VariDesk global headquarters. Thanks so much! See you there!