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Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty

Research shows that sensemaking, not problem-solving, has become the top indicator of leadership effectiveness today.

Leadership is not solely the responsibility of the CEO, but can and should permeate all levels of the organization.

That’s what The 360 Degree Leader book is all about, and our session leaders will discuss the approaches and tools that have helped them along the way. We provide many of those tools in our GSO USB Reference Stick that all attendees receive after the event.

Before the event, you can download the 4-page MIT Research Brief titled, “Leadership in an Age of Uncertainty.” The more experience you have in management roles, whether in the security domain or not, the more the content of this paper will resonate with you. Several people have made comments to me on this research brief like, “I’m already doing more than half of these things already! But I see how I can fine-tune what I’m doing and be even more effective.”

Register for the event and join like-minded people in fine-tuning your leadership mindset and open even more doors of opportunity to increase the value you deliver and achieve what you’d like to achieve.

Special discount registration codes are available to members of ASIS, IAHSS, SVSG and WITI here.

I hope we’ll see you at the event! –Ray Bernard

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“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence – it is to act with yesterday’s logic.”
–Peter Drucker

Command-and-control leadership is no longer considered effective.

Sensemaking has become the top indicator of leadership effectiveness today.
–Deborah Ancona, MIT Leadership Center