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7th GSO Event – LinkedIn Global Headquarters

Listen to the 4-minute description which security practitioners Lee Thatcher, Director – Corporate Security for Relativity Space, had to say at the conclusion of his GSO event experience. Lee was invited by Sponsor Ambient Systems to speak from his end-user perspective on the Day 2 panel titled, “AI, Automation and Security Operations & Administration.”

“On day two, it was amazing because we got to see some of these technologies, hear from end-user practitioners and the vendors themselves. And you can understand how best some of those might apply to your workspaces, and enhancing the ability to perform at a top notch level and make sure that your security protective posture is a world class kind of organization. “

Sponsors may offer free attendance to an outstanding customer or two who on Day 2 can answer questions during the panels about the story of their technology successes, and can network with other attendees during the event.

Please call Pamela at (949) 439-8735 to inquire about sponsorship availability for your technology category.

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