Technology Command

Technology Command is the capability to have your electronic physical security technology do what you want it to do, in a manageable, scalable and cyber-secure way that helps to maximally enable your organizations operations and bring more business value to the table.

Day Two of GSO 2025 lets you examine advanced technology capabilities using both hands-on exploration and immersive technology experience through team-based exercises and individual in-depth discussions with technology experts. The descriptions below will give you some idea of what you’ll be delving into.

Bring Your Own Risks

Bring your own risks and get your own people-process-technology use case solutions. A multi-layer approach to risk mitigation (no single points of failure) usually involves policy and procedure as well as technology application elements.

Day Two’s afternoon is dedicated to those kinds of discussions among practitioners as well as with speakers and solution providers. This is the time to explore typical deployment timelines and project challenges and learn what’s involved for security and IT role decisions, planning and preparations.

Hands-on Technology Experience

  • Find the Thief. Which team can most quickly ID the laptop thief by searching a weekend’s worth of video? Hint: it takes minutes, not hours. (Win Starbucks gift cards.)
  • Handle the Camera Cyber Threat. Which team can most quickly and safely update 12 cameras with individual-per-camera passwords, digital certificates (both in the VMS and in the cameras), and new firmware? Deadline after initial prep is 15 minutes! Tip: it’s doable given the tools. (Win Starbucks gift cards.)
  • Tailgate for a Prize. Win a prize if you can defeat the anti-tailgating technologies!
  • Test the Fault Tolerance. Unplug power supplies, pull out hard drives, and power off entire servers to prove that the Virtual SOC keeps on running anyway – with no 3rd-party fault tolerant software and no application-based fallback video recorders!
  • . . .  and more.

Immersive Technology Experience

We are using multiple advanced technologies to help manage the event and showcase the tech capabilities, including:

  • Zone-based wireless device threat detection
  • Radar-sensor based occupancy detection
  • LiDAR-based tailgating control for any type of pedestrian door and any access control system
  • Fast and touchless biometric access control w/optical turnstiles
  • Virtual SOC and EOC capabilities
  • Cloud and on-premise system integrations
  • . . . and more